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What do users say about the TailorBuilder

Maastricht University
Daniela Schulz, PhD student Universiteit Maastricht: “I've been working with the TailorBuilder since 2008 and since then I have set up various eHealth intervention programmes using customized advice.

The TailorBuilder is ideally suited to the development of programmes consisting of questionnaires and personalized advice. The possibilities are manifold! If a functionality is missing, the programme can be redesigned or modified in a customized fashion.

It is a good, innovative and easy-to-use application!”

Jessa Ziekenhuis
Sonja Reckers, Staff Health Promotion:
“At the Jessa Ziekenhuis we have started to work with the TailorBuilder since 2011 to coach employees and docters how to deal with working stress and burn-out.

With the help of the online coaching, which can be generated using the personalised feedback possibilities, we have been able to give numerous docters and employees more grip on their positive working experience.

Next to this, docters and employees who had a more negative working experience have been giving more grip on their situation and were able to turn around their negative feelings

TailorBuilder can therefore be a useful tool that contributes to the health of employees and that can prevent absence.”

Erasmus University
Copenhagen University
Aberdeen University
Amsterdam University
Trimbos instituut
Jacobs University
Quebec University
Oslo University
Gemeente Rotterdam
Cluj University
Cyprus University
VU medisch centrum
Open Universiteit
Academie Verloskundige Praktijk Vroedvrouwenschool sinds 1913
Wit Gele Kruis Limburg
Sint Franciskus Ziekenhuis limburg
Universitatsklinikum Essen
University Sevilla
Universite Paris Ouest
GGD Amsterdamt

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