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Surveys with personalized feedback


Create surveys with every desired possibility.

Creating proper questionnaires can be a difficult task. You need a tool which is easy to use, yet has advanced possibilities. The TailorBuilder allows you to create the questionnaire you want.

Use photo’s, video’s, charts, google maps, audio, sms, etc. to enrich your research. Make your questionnaire more visual for respondents and receive more information from them.

Create multiple usergroups, who get different questions or feedback. This is essential when conducting an Randomized Control Trial (RCT).

The tailoring possibilities are what sets the TailorBuilder apart from other tools. Routing and Skip options, Response Piping and Video tailoring, everything is possible to make both questionnaire and feedback personalized.
Surveys and research can be easily created, with endless possibilities. Ask questions and give personal feedback

Routing & Skip

Ensure respondents are asked the questions that are focused on their specific characteristics or answers.

Most tools have routing (branching) and skip options, however the TailorBuilder does routing and skip as it should be done.

Not only is it possible to simply skip questions or direct a respondent to the next proper question. But the TailorBuilder can also direct a respondent to do this in a very advanced way.

For example a question about pregnancy can be skipped for male respondents.

Furthermore it is possible to direct male respondents who are inactive and/or have BMI higher than 25 (calculated on basis of their length and weight) to question about how they would like to exercise more.

The possibilities are unlimited and can include calculations and logic formulas like ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘equals’, ‘greater than’, ‘smaller than’, etc.
Branching, Routing and Skip possibilities are endless with complete freedom using the TailorBuilder. Send respondent to the next appropriate question using the answer given to one or multiple questions

Question Types

Ask questions the way you want.

Open questions

with an option for allowing only text input or only numbers. For numbers you can select lower and upper boundaries.

Multiple choice

Allowing the respondent to select only one option, or multiple options. The minimum and maximum number of options can be assigned by the developer.

Selectbox/dropdown menu

Likert scale

Date (ddmmyyyy)

Use various Question types to keep you research survey questionnaire interesting

Better Use

Easily make questionnaires and adapt the design according to your wishes.

A clear set-up of the programme makes it easy to make use of all the features of the TailorBuilder.

A step by step guide through the programme will help you build questionnaires in no time.

The lay-out/design of your questionnaires can be completely adapted to your own preference by editor, or stylesheets (CSS). The possibilities are endless.

The use of a visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor makes the TailorBuilder an easy to use tool which doesn’t require software knowledge.

Send invitations and reminders via e-mail or sms. (manually or automatically)
A survey tool which is easy to use and allows you complete freedom with the design


Give respondents feedback which is tailored to their given answers and characteristics.

Giving proper feedback is not always possible with questionnaire tools. The TailorBuilder has the ability to generate personalised feedback.

Feedback adapted to individuals, target groups, answers, earlier visits, etc. can be generated with easy-to-use formulas.

Ipsative feedback is also possible by comparing the results of different visits by one respondent.

Video-tailoring can be used to give personal video feedback according to the answers that are given by a respondent.

Use graphs to make your feedback more visual.
Being able to give personalised feedback based on the given answers of respondents makes the TailorBuilder a powerful tool for lifestyle change methods and healthcare advice

Technical Stuff

We try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Make questionnaires publicly available or only accessible via log-in. Moreover is it possible to integrate your questionnaire in a website or make it a stand alone questionnaire.

Web-based, always and everywhere available for both developer and respondents.

Export data to Excel and SPSS.


Secure data storage, data is encrypted and protected by firewall.

Daily back-up of database

SOAP interface.

No limitations regarding the quantity of data.
We try to ensure that you can focus on creating effective researches and lifestyle change methods. We will worry about the Technical stuff

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