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Refined Research & Personalized Feedback

The TailorBuilder is the tool for research, surveys and tailored advice. It is specifically developed for researches that use personalized questionnaires and feedback.

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Characteristics of the TailorBuilder

research, surveys, interventions and behavioural change methods can be easily set up using advanced possibilities


Create questionnaires with advanced possibilities

Personal feedback for surveys and research can be given by using the given answers of a respondent


Give personal and ipsative feedback to respondents

Multimedia applications like photo video flash audio can easily be added to researches


Add photo’s, video’s, flash and more

Analyse data and answers by using SPSS and Excel


Analyse the data by exporting it to Excel and SPSS

Layout and design can be customised completely by using CSS


Create your own design via stylesheets (CSS) and editor

TailorBuilder offers the unique possibilities to generated tailored research, tailored sureveys and tailored feedback and make it completely personal to each individual respondent


Complete freedom to make researches and feedback personal

No more worreis about the safety of your research data


Al your data is protected by firewall and password secured. A daily backup of prevents any losses of data

The TailorBuilder is robust software, always available


Always accessible and available from everywhere

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