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You can easily set up a market research using the TailorBuilder

Market Research

Would you like to identify the specific requirements of your clients? The TailorBuilder helps you get answers to the questions you want.

The TailorBuilder is mainly used for researches and surveys in the field of e-health and lifestyle. The possibilities of the TailorBuilder are specifically suited for this application.


Do you want to provide information, advice and feedback on health issues? The TailorBuilder is the perfect tool for interventions and behaviour change methods. It has the ability to tailor the questionnaire and the feedback to individual respondents.
More on the TailorBuilder and ehealth can be found here

Academic research like a graduation of promotion research can be easily set up using the TailorBuilder

Academic Research

The TailorBuilder helps you with academic research where you wish to give individual counselling or ask specific questions depending on the respondent. Here you can find an example.

Customer research by using the TaiorBuiler is easy and gives you the possibility to ask the proper questions to each individual customer. This allows you to get a perfect image of the desires of clients and enables you to offer them a suited product or service

Client Research

The TailorBuilder enables you to guide potential clients to a suitable product or service you provide. For example, the most suitable insurance policy or subscription.

Examples of the TailorBuilder

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