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Ehealth and the tailorbuilder


eHealth, prevention, intervention and behaviour modification are ever more important tools that help to keep people healthy and reduce the costs of heatlthcare. The TailorBuilder is the perfect tool that can help you to set up surveys and other project in the area of ehealth.

Ehealth questions tailorbuilder

The right question makes all the difference.

Based on questionnaires you can set up yourself, you are able to inform respondents, ask questions and give feedback.

The different question types in the TailorBuilder help you to ask questions in various ways and keep the interest of your respondents. The use of photos and videos also helps to keep their interest.

Ehealth feedback tailorbuilder

Give focused feedback and advice

Unique to the TailorBuilder are the elaborate personalization possibilities that allow you to give tailored advice to every respondent.

Ipsatieve feedback is also possible. Here the outcome of two or multiple sessions are compared and this forms the base for the given advice.

Ehealth more personal tailorbuilder

Personal Touch

The design/lay-out of the questionnaires are fully adaptable to your own wishes by using an editor and stylesheets (CSS).

The questionnaires can also be made more personal by using the response and skip possibilities. This enables you to guide a respondent through a questionnaire, based on the given answers and allows you to only ask relevant questions.

Ehealth extra tailorbuilder

Even more possibilities

The TailorBuilder has even more possibilities to help with your ehealth project.

Send invitations and reminders via email or textmessage.

Create multiple user groups, each being asked different questions and given different feedback. Essential when conducting a randomised research with control group.

Easily export the generated data to excel or spss for further analyses and calculations.

More possibilities of the TailorBuilder can be found here.

Examples of the TailorBuilder

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